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Hi Train....

How it go. I feel off the wagon... but I plan to jump back on.. Old dogs can learn new tricks but it just takes a little longer to make change and new habits. Like everything I've done. I've had to do slowly. So I must do this 1 day at a time.

I spent $198.53 cent in september.

New envelope $200.00 put in.

My blue print menu for dinner:
Sunday's -Beef or Chicken night
Monday"s- Seafood or fish night
Tuesday's- Crock pot night or veggie night
Wednesday's- Chicken or beef night
Thursday- Chief Salads bar night
Friday's - forgien crusine night(like pizza, taco's and such.)
Saturday- Soup night.

I also made one for breakfast.
Then it helps give a idea for that day.
This be Tree
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