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Post Here and There, This and That of chats...

This probably isn't where the moderator's will want this, but it seemed appropriate for me to post a new thread here, as some of the other threads seem to be lost in for give me if I'm in the wrong post-able section. :-) My original post was going to be asking whether the "pie awards" actually made it past the polling thread, I saw the chit-chat that it would be and that some of the moderators would get together and discuss possible new "guidelines" and a reminder of Alice & Alicia's pies (and other recipes) would be where to go. Then I had wondered what other possible awards would be available for the month of November, as many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying fall, and soon to be winter, then spring, and of course summer - where as our Southern Hemisphere friends are reverse... Will we have themed awards for recipes, a monthly vs weekly award for the recipes, etc And of course my mind filled with several other Q & A's, but I decided to stop with these and see what everyone else thought, and of course read back from the moderators.
One other question for A.I.O. what's the update on the spammers?
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