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Lightbulb share your skills

My husband is very handy, and is always learning new skills. We have a few friends who are also handy, and several of us are fixing up older homes.

We work on the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" principal.

Some examples:

My hubby helps out a friend with a concrete business. We got a new walkway put in for cost of materials only.

We built a computer for a friend (my hubby's PT self-employed business), in exchange for X hours of electrical wiring work.

Fixing a computer problem for our accountant at no cost, she did our taxes for us at no cost.

My hubby did some wiring at a friend's house. When he replaced his lawn mower, he gave us a good deal on his old mower just when ours broke the frame.

We gave a bucketload of unwanted Rhubarb plants to a farmer neighbor. He plowed our vegetable garden under 2 yrs in a row.

There are tons more examples. Not every deal comes out perfect - sometimes you feel YOU did more work, and other times you feel you've been given the silver platter. But it evens out in the end.
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