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shocking Plunging into the low carb diet for a while

Thanks for input so far on the low carb diet question.
I'm going to try the meat/vegetable thing for sure.
I'm going to try to limit my carbo intake per meal/snack
to 20g. wish me luck
We always eat rice, pasta or potatoes with our dinner.
I'll keep feeding this to the kids, but stop heaping
my plate full of potatoes.
I'm going to fill a 1 litre bottle with water and try
to drink it all in a day - I think I've been dehydrated
for 15 years.
I'm going to try an egg at breakfast with oatmeal, instead of
dry cereal. I noticed harvest crunch original has 20g of carbo, so
I might permit myself that to begin with.
Another key I think is "unprocessed" meat. So fish sticks, wieners,
sausage are out...!
I think I'm allergic to multivitamins - I always get sick when I take them. Am I alone in this conundrum?

(this will be me in about 4 days) ha ha
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