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We all like to send ecards, but do we still give out cards as well as receive them? If so how do you organize them?
I found one tip and wanted to share it.

At the beginning of each month,
check calendar to see who all needs a card that month.
Next, I go to The Dollar Tree to purchase all the cards for those people (cards are 2/$1.00).
take the cards home and fill them all out at one time.

This person that wrote this said
I don't put the stamp on until the day I mail the card. The reason for this is: I use a pencil and write the date I want to mail the card right where the stamp goes(for example 12/22). "
You get the idea. keep all the cards in a particular place, and add the stamp the day you want to mail them.
By Judy from Birmingham, AL

How do you organize yours?
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