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Yeah Sammi! I too have lost about 50 pounds since last November. Since I had my heart bypass surgery in December I am just that much more serious about my weight loss tactics...I eat regular serving sizes, however sometimes make them a bit smaller (like if it is pasta or such). Also I have found that 3 meals a day is not my thing, I now eat 5-6 small meals a day, but make sure I do each food group. I was diagnosed as being diabetic when pregnant with my son who is now 18, and since my slow but steady loss of weight have not had any blood sugar problems since last December. It is normal day by day. I am going to see if Dr. will lower my meds for it or be able to take me off of metformin altogether at my next cardiologist visit in January. I walk daily, and on colder days go on my treadmill.
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