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I think the thing that I've realized about diets is that there are tons of them out there and not a single one of them will suit every potential dieter. The key is to find the one that satisfies you and is something that you can consider doing long term.

My husband and I have tried many diets with the goal of losing 25-30 lbs each, but with no success. In February of this year we decided to give the Atkins diet a try. We started out with a positive attitude and was encouraged by the immediate results that we saw. It has now been over 3 months and we are still following the diet. My weight loss is a little slower than his, but it is the first time that I am not giving up and am determined to reach my goal.

My husband started at 231 lbs and is now at 204 lbs and I started at 153 and I am now at 139. I hear a lot about the diet not being good because it is high in fat and protein, but we are eating much healthier than we did before. Our meals always consisted of some sort of meat but usually along with it potatoes or rice. Now instead, we eat the meat (grilled chicken, steak, fish, etc.) and also eat a healthy vegetable along with it (spinach, cauliflower, squash, etc.) That is how we obtain the carbs that we do get, not by breads or sugary foods.

My husband just recently visited his doctor to get a routine check-up. He is only 35 years old and has taken medication for high blood pressure for several years. The doctor took his blood pressure and it was perfectly normal!! The doctor is in the process of weaning him off of one of his prescriptions and was very pleased with the success he has made. He just got bloodwork done as well, so we will get the results when he visits the doctor in a couple of weeks. This diet is the one that we have been searching for and has made tremendous changes in our lives.

So, after rambling on and on, I think the key is finding something that works for you individually. It took us many times to find the right one for us, but I think we finally did it!! Good luck to you!!
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