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martial arts

karate - first Goju Ryu and now Matsubayshi shorin Ryu 15 years
(4th dan)
iaido - 10 years (3rd dan)
naginata - 8 years (1st dan) but haven't been active in about a year.
jodo - 1 1/2 years (1st dan) This is my newest endeavor. It's fun to start over again as a beginner in something and be able to get away with so much

We don't do a lot of sparring. It's not really a big part of traditional karate, since it is kept for serious defence purposes. I don't really enjoy it either, since I don't have that killer competitive instinct.

hmmm... groin shots: always good for a laugh, especially on TV. But if I would hurt one of my guy pals like that, I'm sure that they would not be laughing, and that would surely cure any compulsion to laugh, on my part.
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