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some ideas that I can use, tks.
I'm planning a RED Hat Party at Golden Corral, and needed some ideas for the ladies to do.
I love how many words can you find, but that never inter my mind.
cotton balls would be cute as we sit at the table to do.
I had already been playing around if I wanted to do the do the pin the scarecrow or ???.

I did find another cute game as I was in the seach of finding ideas.
I ran across
Put the pieces together
if it a scarecrow, skelton, cut it apart, put it into a container,
then during the game, everyone draws a
part and had to attach it to the figure, in the fashion of the number you are when you draw it.

for example the first person may draw a hand, well there is no arm, or anything else but just a hand, they have to attach that to the board.
next person draws and drew a foot, they have to put it on the board, will
it be connected to the hand or down close to the bottom of the board.
3rd person draws, they draw a neck, now where will it go.. in the end
will it all be connected, and in what way.. It could turn out to be funny, nonsense, in order, and see what you create.

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