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Well, we have had an eventful summer. We have kept up our healthier eating but I haven't tried canning yet. We found out in June that we had to move, and that and my summer classes took up pretty much the rest of the summer. Luckily we got rid of some things that we didn't realize we could throw away until we were moving (you know how that goes!) and now I have room in my new house for canning supplies. I'm still determined to try canning.

We were fortunate enough to find a house just across the subdivision from our old house, so our kids didn't have to change schools. The depressing news came the other day when I looked at the lunch menus for both of the schools and saw that their overall choices have actually worsened since last year. The kids at the middle and high schools will be able to buy pizza, a fried chicken patty in the form of a nugget or strip or sandwich, or a burger every single day of the week, and on some days, they can choose from all three of those things. There is a healthy choice line at the high school, so my older son can choose from several kinds of salads and sandwiches, but overall, the whole menu was just really depressing. I haven't established a rule such as "you can only buy two school lunches a week" because I think it's important for the boys to have some choice in the matter, and I don't worry about it much when it comes to my two, because I know they will tell me they don't like the food and will ask me to pack lunch most of the time anyway. I feel really sad for the kids who don't have that choice.

My younger son, who has always been rather picky, tried some new things this summer, which is really exciting. One of his favorite snacks now is "ants on a log"- celery sticks filled with peanut butter and dotted with raisins. And the other day I made an Asian noodle dish with chicken (recipe here: Hot and Cold Sesame Noodles Recipe : Rachael Ray : Recipes : Food Network ) and everybody loved it hot but not cold. Which is fine, because I can send it to school hot in a thermos, and it won't break down like things with dairy in them can.

So to get back on topic, what we ate healthy this morning was homemade pancakes made with whole wheat flour and organic milk and eggs instead of going out for a yummy and rich but fat-sodium-and-calorie-laden breakfast.
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