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Eye floaters

When I was at work typing on the computer the other day I thought I saw an eyelash or hair fall near my eye and tried to brush it away but couldn't. When I got home I checked to see if there was anything in my eye but there wasn't. It didn't go away the next morning so I called an eye clinic that I'd gone to a couple years ago and they agreed to see me that afternoon. Fortunately they have a retinal specialist there and after he asked me to describe it he said that I've had this on previous exams but it might have moved and now is more noticeable to me. He checked to make sure there was no retinal detachment or tears. In the past I had been told by an optometrist to go to the ER if I started seeing a lot of floaters, flashes of light or shadows since I'm very nearsighted and a higher risk for detachment. Unfortunately this floater is just slightly to the side in my left eye in my direct line of vision now and very annoying. The specialist said my brain would get used to it but right now it is very annoying. I tried wearing sunglasses and that helped just slightly but I can still see the floater move around and change shape slightly. Does anyone else have problems with floaters? Do you eventually get used to them?
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