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Question Atkins Diet - Is it Possible?

There is a web site promoting Atkins diet, which is
a low carbohydrate diet. Natural Weightloss, etc.
My question is about the combination they say to
avoid - which is protein and starch/carbo combinations.

Is this for real? Anyone out there know if
this is effective for weightloss?

I personally think for a while
it would work, but our north american diet is
protein with pasta, protein with bread, protein with a
milkshake, protein with potatoes, protein with rice...

Is this type of diet even feasible with 3 meals per day
schedule that most of us have kept for eons...

Even I tell my kids: salad, meat, some potatoes, some vegetables,
dessert after is okay if you've eaten the rest first.

Is the sphagetti combination of protein and pasta bad for us?

The site even says that cooked tomatoes are acidic and therefore
hard on our digestion....
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