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Variety box of cards with stamps, gift card to the grocery, gift card to the pharmacy, gift card to favorite restuarant, favorite slurge (i.e. tea, coffee, fudge, ice cream, meat, etc.), 2-4qts of their favorite soup in 2 cup containers, coupons for taking down curtains and washing them and the windows, cleaning of the gutters, etc. any household chore they would have a hard time doing and you have the time to do or can hire someone to do.

I still remember having given my Grandpa $10 (5 $2 paper gift certificates) to Ponderosa when I was in high school for Christmas as he loved their fish and telling him he was allowed to use more than 1 at a time. He told me he'd rather go 5 times and think of me while eating the fish than going 2 times and having it paid for.

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