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thanks Patti, thanks goodness my is not that bad yet compare to many. We have one lady at our church has had RA since she was in her 30's and she is now in her 70's. Her RA dr is giving her shots of chemo to help her. So far so good, but she is now bruising from it. If this doesn't help she may have to take chemo the regular way. She said that her dr said if she had been with a good RA back then she may not have had it this bad.

What bothers me is my feet in the mornings, the shoulder that was messed up, and where some old scars are from past surgeries. strange as it may sound.
I stay tired more often and get out of breathe real easy.
Gloria and I both think I may have fibo, but the dr doesn't say nothing about it, even with me brining it up to him.
Of course we have found out that I have thyroid problems now along with being low in Vit B12. I'm on meds now for both along with my RA.

I can remember John used to say, that it was like the light switch got turned off one day in a blink of time. I so agree with him now on that. it just happened over night it seemed.. Oh well that 's life for you.. LOL
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