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Pag36, you might check with a local animal shelter or pet store. They usually are always in need of newspapers for lining cages. Or, if you know someone that has a wood burning stove; we use the black and white only for starting fires in ours and DS can use anything even the color pages in his. I actually collect the newspaper from an individual for this purpose.

We recycle everything! The cans we collect and take in ourselves to an place that pays for them. Used to use them for a friend of one of the DS's as extra cash for his friends schol tuition. Now we just use it as pocket cash.

Not really any problem crushing them and storing them. We have a tin, glass, aluminum, and plastic can we use for recycling. When they get full we cart them into the local recycling place. We also gather all cardboard including food boxes (cereal, crackers and etc).

We don't have any garbage collection here so recycle started as a must, but also makes you feel good to know you aren't putting it all into a landfill somewhere! We have compost for foods (for what the chickens can't eat), and then burn the paper goods that are burnable. About every 6 weeks I have a grocery bag full of non recycle or non burn items and a friend or relative just lets me drop that into their garbage bin.

Might as well turn the cans in for cash; always nice to have a way to get some cash!
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