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Dehydrating Fruits, Vegetables & Meats

I have been studying up quite a bit on the dehydrating and giving my dehdyrator a work out the past couple days. I have dehydrated about 8 bunches of banana's so far counting todays.

Tommorow I will be going to Aldi's they are having a sale this week on bell peppers 2 in a pack for 69 cents and mushrooms, 8 oz. package 59 cents. This is a frugal buy to preserve while the price is low.

I talked to a lady this weekend who gave me some more ideas:

She had corn stored in cans, moisture got on the cans causing a little rust. She carefully opened the cans to avoid getting any rust in her corn, drained the corn and dehydrated it. So she was able to save her food supply.

Some things to think about when dehydrating:

You can dehydrate just about anything: It's less time consuming than canning, doesn't take up space in your deep freezer and lets you take advantage of good sales.

Another lady was dehydrating shrimp she found on sale. I wouldn't have even thought of that one.

Ball Canning Book gives a few recipes ( 2009 edition anyways) and gives some suggestions like dehydrating chicken and making a chicken soup with dehydrated veggies and chicken. What could be more easy, just open, add water and it's done!

You can dehydrate cauliflower, carrots, green peppers, corn, peas. I use a Tilia Food Saver and a generic Kroger brand Food Saver bag to store mine in, I just don't trust those jar sealers myself. The generic bags are quart sized and cost about 50 cents a bag and can be reused.

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