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Would you share your childs kindergarten curriculum?

I am not very thrilled with the curriculum that my son is following in kindergarten this year. Here is his schedule:

First thing in the morning is either gym, music or library for 45 minutes

Then they read a book

Bathroom break and a snack

They work on their letter-of-the-week book

They have started a math book but so far they are only tracing shapes and coloring. When they dont do this, they put their heads down to rest for a few minutes.

Then they look at their class butterflies or talk about the squirrel stories and poems they have been reading about.

He goes to school from 8:20am to 10:55am and I dont think they are focusing on reading, writing and math enough. They havent even talked about using a computer yet.

Am I expecting too much? I have been told by 3 different people ( they dont know each other) that our school district is horrible. I really want to know what other kids are learing and experiencing in kindergarten.

Please share their curriculum.



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