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I have a son that has a Math LD. He is 12 and will enter middle school/junior high next year. He has had an IEP in place since starting school. My son was hearing impaired and so had lots of those speech issues (but luckily) he does not have any issues with Reading (however, I LOVE TO READ). I read to him in the womb and have read to him ever since. He loves books and reading, he would prefer books to toys most of the time - LOL!!! We purchased those book readers and books, and lots of Leap frog phonics toys/games early on, DVD's, but his teachers feel like I instilled the love of reading he has. But I think the key is to find books he likes (and purchase those) he does read to himself (alot) but we read together as a family. He also has ADHD so it is amazing that he likes to and will sit through hours of reading. We loved the Percy Jackson series, we have read the Harry Potter series and lots of other series, he loves those types of books. He loves comic books and learning books (like discovery/eyewitness like on sharks etc.....). So I would suggest you find some books he is interested in and start with those. We also love books on tape, a good way to find books to start him on (is to find a movie that he loves and then tell him how much better the book is - they always are- they have to cut so much out in the movies). My son's LD is in Math, and I am very nervous about middle school and math and all the new schedules/rules/teachers and other middle schoolers. LOL!!! So I am right there with you. We have some local support groups through some local agencies where we go and have programs on IEPs/504's and probally the most helpful (parent support and discussing issues and ideas) with other parents with kids with disibilities and/or Learning Disorders that is a god-send to us. Not sure I would have remained sain without them. So if you put up what area/state you are from then maybe someone on here can guide you to one in your area. I am from Hickory, NC.

Deidra Hicks
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