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Hi everyone!

Been really busy, sorry I haven't posted for awhile!

Things are coming along BEAUTIFULLY! BTW, thank you for all of your wonderful ideas for the food.

As far as tamales, my daughter would love that.....but the work to make tamales (especially for 250-300) would be overwhelming!

Maggy's "godmother" is making 2 large pots of rice. She owns a Mexican resturant so she has plenty of experience. She said that she could only help with the rice though due to the fact Saturday night is her most busy time of the week.

I am going to make 2 large pots of pinto beans that morning, with bacon, ham and hotdogs. We will serve onions and cilantro to garnish.

As well my girl friend is making up lots of meat balls, and we are going to also have chicken wings. Hopefully some one at church could make the potato salad, and we can also have chicken and / or ham salad sandwiches. Chips and pretzels..... does that sound ok? Also Maggy's godmother said 1 case of tortillas should be ok. Cost is about $25.00 a case.

Everything is done other than my dh and my outfits. Our younger children's outfits (they are participating) and paying the dj ( to be paid the night of the party), finish paying the hall (after the final count) and the food!

I can not believe this is now less than a month a way~

Hugs and Blessings,

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