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Here's an idea

I run two balances in our check book. I know it sound funny. But this is how I do it...

I round up to the nearest dollar. and put that amount in the balance column. then I keep a running balance of the change over by where you mark off a check when it comes back. I started this at the first of March and to this day I have $81.22
I also have a change jar but my daughter dips into this for icecream money at school. And my husband takes my quaters for the toll road. ( So not much luck there )

I got the idea from my husband's grandmother. She was telling me a story about his grandfather always rounding up to the nearest dollar. But he never kept a running balance of his change. When he died and grandma had to sit down with the check book and balance it, She found that he had almost $25,000
hidden in change in the account.

So I thought this was worth a try.

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