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Lightbulb Check our Dayle's Growlies for Groups


I've been to several Sweet 15 birthday parties, including two in Latin America that started at 6pm and lasted until 7am the next morning with food and drinks being served all night long by the wait staff! These are the most magical parties a young girl can hope to have, until her wedding day!

I would suggest taking a look at Dayle's Growlies for Groups website at for some GREAT info on hosting such a large party. They will have some great info on how to do your chicken (I think it's easier than roasting a pig). They have tons of recipes designed for big parties (up to 500ppl) and a great message board where you can ask specific questions from other people who do catering professionally. There is also a great recipe converter that will help you scale a recipe up or down depending on the number of people you are expecting. Once you have your guest list established and you know how many people to expect, you will be able to scale the recipe to exactly what you need.

There are also lots of recipes for items that can be made ahead of time and frozen, dessert ideas that are quick, great ideas for how to display the food, how many drinks you'll need, etc. Make sure to take a look at the food safety sections so you can see the best way to keep food at the proper temps for however long you need it. You don't want anyone to get sick! This is just a GREAT site for anyone hosting a BIG party!

Congrats on the Sweet 15! :D

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