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I sold on Craigslist a couple years ago.. and was lucky on my first try at it, sold the items within 24 hours.

I also gave away a truck camper for a neighbor.. lesson learned on that is never give your phone number online. Her phone rang off the hook with so many sad stories of why they should get the camper, we gave it to the first person who responded to the advertisement through my email list.

I used it this spring on the Freebies and got a free truck cap and used it this summer for the Garage and Yard Sale listings. It was great.

And Tammy

You are doing it right by posting a photo.. I never look at the postings that don't have a photo, you really can't tell if it's something you are interested in or what condition it's in without a photo.

What irritates me is when people say Text Me and I don't do texting. Or they say just stop by and duh! don't put a address.

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