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Having children in college can certainly be a financial challenge! We now have 3 in graduate school. Our son is getting his PhD in biology, his wife is starting her program in Art History, and our daughter has one more year to go for her MA in English (she will be applying to PhD programs for the following year). When our ds and dd were undergraduates, they managed to get scholarships which was a huge help. In addition, we had a couple of generous and loving relatives who purchased large bonds for the children when they were young. Those two things, along with the savings we had, paid for their college. My children worked during the summers, but it was for the "extras" -- not for the tuition.

Our ds and ddil are on fellowships for the grad school, but we try to give them a little $ from time to time. Our dd is at an expensive grad school (NYU). We pay for her rent and food. She has student loans and is working 2 campus jobs. We pay the interest on her loans (so it won't add to her loan balance). She is very fearful of accruing more debt. She won't accept any PhD program unless she receives full funding -- which is very, very difficult.

We love all of them, but we can't wait until they are all "off the dole" -- lol!!
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