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Tami to be honest I have the most luck when I roast lamb or when I slow cook lamb.
So my usual way is to cook for at least 90-120 mins in a lidded cast iron casserole dish. Falls of the bone, can use lamb shanks as well.
My usual mix is to measure 1 juiced lemon then to put that and 10% more in mint sauce with some rosemary, dry or fresh twigs.
Lamb is a very fatty meat so this way of cooking it keeps it really moist, I then I pop meat on a paper towel to quickly blot off a bit of the oil, plate then I top with either new mint sauce (none of the fat) or the yoghurt.

If you want to ease your family into sour cream or the greek yoghurt mix with mayo as a salad dressing and increase if no one mentions the new taste LOL On nachos, burritos...

I go for the greek yoghurt before the sour cream, less calories or better calories, I love it on my roast veg or chips or potato wedges, yum!

Only my opinion I've no idea how others cook it.

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