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Originally Posted by afpresley View Post
i also like the little baby size canning jars like jelly jars hey and did you know you can cook in this like banana bread are any kind of cake and after you take them out of the oven they will seal right up and put you a tag on them. i done some of these for christmas in the bigger jars but i know you could the little jars as well i cooked pumpkin bread brownies and banana bread in them and got a piece of cotton material and cut a circle a little bigger then the lid and put a label on the jar.coook it on 350 like you would a cake and just watch dont fill to full just about 1/2 full because it rises.
Those little cups are so cute. I made mint brownie jars for my daughter's teachers and for the crossing guard at my son's school but I used the bigger jars, too.

Do you have a recipe that uses the smaller jars? Any idea where I could get the smaller jars that wouldn't cost me a fortune? I have to keep the cost as much under $100. that I possibly can.

I'm playing with the idea of making Friendship Tea but I'm still trying to come up with a cute way of packaging it. It's between that and the "sanity saver" treats so far.

I'm still looking for other ideas, though!

Thank everyone! Keep the ideas coming.

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