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Tami, Do you have an online Freecycle group in your area? I belong to two groups here and people are always offering things like empty baby food jars or other small containers. (Of course, you would want to wash them well). I think once someone even offered paper towel tubes. I like the candy bar idea too.

I did find one lady to offer me 30 tp rolls and she is going to continue to collect them for me until the second week of Aug. I still don't think that I will have enough. I've asked on Freecycle twice now for jars but no response yet
Would small canning jars work? I think the pint size and smaller jars come in a box with several already in them. It's been a few years since I bought any so don't know what the price range is now but it was around $20 then and there were lots of jars in one box on the smallest size, half pint maybe?
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