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Originally Posted by Joy View Post
oops hit the wrong button---- and Falcon of Abydos. I haven't read them so I don't know if they are good, but maybe you could see if your library has them and give them a try.
Has your son read any of Christopher Paolini's books--Eragon, Brisingr..... ?
I have a couple of 8th grade/freshman boys reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. These same boys loved Brian Jacques Redwall series.

Just some suggestions. It is hard to find books that appeal to boys.
My son doesn't like books like Eragon, Harry Potter..etc. That's why it surprised me when he said that he was reading the Hunger Games.

I'll ask him about the other series and at the same time, I will look into them. It's so hard to keep boys his age interested in reading.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

Did I mention here that he's playing the Prince in Cinderella for the toddlers play put on by our library? My dd is playing a wicked stepsister. lol! I'll have to post pictures of that one. It's not happening until next month.

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