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Originally Posted by Joy View Post
I read the Hunger Games Triology and really liked it. My 20's something daughter suggested it to me. It has been very popular at my library, so I decided to read it.

Not sure how old your kids are, but here are some of the popular books and authors that kids at my library are reading.
Puppy Place books by Ellen Miles
Diary of a Wimpy Kid bokks by Jeff Kinney
Percy Jackson seris by Rick Riordan
Gordon Korman series Kidnapped and Shipwrecked
Main Street series by Ann M Martin

Of course the Magic Treehouse books and The Boxcar Children are still popular. Thanks to last summer's movie Ramona books have made a come back too.

For a little bit older child--
Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Triology
I just traded one of the Uglies books that I bought for 50 cents because my son said that it was popular with the girls in his class. He said that he would never read but he would trade for them.

He loves Gordon Korman and I think that he's read all of his books. In fact, I have Swindle sitting right here on the shelf next to me.

He's read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid except the new one and now my daughter is ready to read them so I'm sure we will be buying the new one, too.

We just went to see Ramona and Beesus. Ramona's books are still popular in my dd's school, too.

My dd has been wanting to get the Puppy Place books but since we've started collecting the Magic Tree House series, A-Z series, the Littles, and the Animal Ark series...along with the Series of Unfortunate Events series, I told her that we should hold off on those. lol! Although I did find some in GoodWill and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy them.

I haven't heard of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan so I will be checking into those.

I try not to buy books at full price but when my son said that he didn't get the chance to finish the Hunger Games book 1 in school and the library has 24 people on the list before him, I bought it for him to finish reading. We ended up buying the last paperback copy at Books a Million that day. He does have the second book from the library already. We picked it up this week.

It's rare that he will mention that he really wants to read a series so when he mentioned this one, I encouraged it. Same thing with Gordon Korman's books.

I'm trying to get him to finish reading the last Twilight series book. He's read all but the last book.

And of all books that he likes to read, he likes Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House" series. He picked up two of them the other day.

Thank you for all of the suggestions!!! If you come up with any more, please post them for me!!

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