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My daughter is going into 12th grade, but taking a college english class. These are their choices this year:

Note: You are required to read any two (2) of the books listed below.

Executive Orders, Tom Clancy
Jack Ryan tries to rebuild the government after a terrorist attack. (Counts as two (2) books)

Flyboys, James Bradley
The true story of young American airmen who were shot
down over Chichi Jima. Eight men, taken prisoners, were captured by Japanese troops. Another was rescued by an American submarine and went on to become President. The reality of what happened to the eight prisoners has remained a secret for almost 60

Return of the Native, Thomas Hardy
Set in the brooding heath lands of England, the novel lays bare the frailties of human love.

Life of Pi, Yann Martel
A 16 year-old boy struggles with survival, identity, and faith while shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean on a 26 foot lifeboat for 227 days with a 450 pound Bengal tiger and three other animals.

Zen and the Art Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig
This book, an autobiography of the mind and body, takes the reader literally into the mind of the author’s emotional and philosophical feelings.
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