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That brings me to a complaint I have. Many universities add points to your college entrance exams if you are a minority. I heard of a female Black student and a male White student who grew up in the same area. The White student was underprivileged. He also had a bad home life so nobody was working with him. But, he wanted to go to college, so he studied hard all his life. However, because he was White, they took his test scores at face value. The Black student had a great education, but never studied or tried hard. Since they padded her test scores to enter college, even though her raw score was lower than the White male, she got accepted into the university and he did not!

I thought our constitution stated ...something about not being based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, and so on. Wasn't he refused based on race? I think acceptance and aid should be based on need, not race. Many White students live in poverty conditions and go to poor schools and many Blacks attend pricy schools and receive the best education, and vice versa. When will people stop looking at one's race and look at the individual's need and background? Okay, I will get off my soapbox.

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