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Anyone else have kids in school studying for end of grade tests already?

I'm so about this subject!!!

It's only the beginning of April and both of my kids are now reviewing for their EOGs (end of grade tests)!!! The tests will be given at the beginning of May!! They are giving them so early so that those who fail the tests can take them again!!!! The kids have 3 more chances to pass the test.

What the heck ever happened to studying for the test that you NEEDED to pass the first time?!?

The schools in this state are all about the numbers and placement points that they earn from the kids who pass these tests. (My kids being at the tops of their classes earn them the highest points.) They are just using them.

School isn't out until June 9, so from May 9 until June 9 nothing new will be taught!!!!!

My son has been watching "G" rated movies (yes, movies that he watched in early elementary school!) since some of the kids are still working on finishing up their math files that are required for passing 7th grade. Mind you, he has been finished for 2 weeks now and has been "reading" his AR books (yeah, right. He's 13. How much reading do you think that he actually does during this time?). One class movies, one class reading...what's next...coloring??? They refuse to put him in advanced math classes. I've asked. Because he didn't pass the AIG testing going into 6th grade with high enough scores, he can't be in those classes! OMG!! Last year he was in regular classes but they had him studying advanced math - they just wouldn't move him to the classes to make him feel like he belonged to their group. I feel like they are doing him such an injustice.

We are stuck in this area because of my dh's job. I wish that I could do something about the way they test. I've read some things about parents actually getting together and "opting their children out of taking EOGs". Supposedly most states will allow you to opt them out if you say and can prove it goes against your religious views. One mom said that it was against her family beliefs and morals. If I could find some actual facts on this and how to do this in NC, I would be right there doing it!!! I don't feel that my kids are being taught well enough in school so why should I allow them to use my kids' test scores?

It will be even worse next year. Our county is laying off at least 250 teachers and assistants. It's going to be bad.

Sorry for the rant. I just had to get this off my chest. Most people around here just bury their heads in the sand and go along with everything. That's drives me nuts!!!

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