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Well, I saved 50.00 again this month and that is a good start!!
I grocery shopped this morning and took your advice, Tree about all the premade stuff I usually buy.
All I bought premade this time is cookies and granola bars for my lunches...and gravy...that is something I cannot make if my life depended on it!
I bought ingedients to make a sweet potatoe pie!!!! (Does jello and pudding count as premade?!!)
I did not make a menu, just bought what was on sale....pork chops, chicken, polish sausage and pork ribs for meat. I bought dried beans to cook in the crock pot a few nights and will make cornbread with it. I bought a lot of canned vegies, my pantry was running low.
Tree...I usually buy pasta mixes but this time I just bought a few boxes of plain you know any good pasta recipies?

I am going to try to make these 2 weeks of groceries stretch out to 3...we will see! I am still spending more than I want to but I am trying!!!

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