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I have one...

What's called Soup Beans and Cornbread in Tennessee. A bag of Pinto Beans is usually .79 cents. A box of Jiffy cornbread is .25 cents and an onion is usually around .50 cents. Some seasoning meat-(as they say in Tennessee)- is $1.50 tops. Seasoning meat can be salt pork, salted ham pieces, bacon, ham hocks etc.

Soak beans overnight. Cover beans with water, add onion. Fry bacon and add bacon grease and chopped up bacon to pot. Cook down until beans are tender. The soup or liquid should be slightly thick. Follow instructions for cornbread. Bake, cut and slice. Serve with Soup beans and with sliced onions.

Some discount stores have regular cornbread mixes for as low as .99 cents. Cook regular cornbread if preferred.

Total cost-$3.04
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