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I have 11 cats and almost each acts a little different. I keep 4 bowls of water near the indoor cats food, 3 are ceramic cat bowls (not too deep) and the third is a self waterer (bottle that fills the plastic dish as they drink it). Several will jump onto the bathroom sink for the faucet to set on a small drip and they drink from that, All the outdoor cats have their own pens and only have 1 water bowl there so they drink out of it (they are all alive so MUST be drinking form it), 3 of the outside cats do get to roam during the day and have a bowl on the porch as well as in their pen. I have often seen them jump into one of the dogs pens and share his water. We have free range chickens and these cats even drink from the chicken water bowls.

The cat must be drinking from somewhere as he has to have some water. I would put a call into the vet and see if they might want to check him out. Good Luck!
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