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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lifestar [/
The only thing I can't realy re-invent is left-over fish. It either gets reheated and eaten by "yours truly"...or it gets wasted. No one else seems to like it and I can't think of any ways to re-cycle a bit of remaining tuna, swordfish. scrod, or salmon. Funny thing, is, there never seems to BE any left over shrimp!

Any suggestions on this one? ( and please don't bother including cheeze sauces...I can't seem to palate the taste of fish and cheese together )

I recycle fish all the time. Salmon is our favorite. I will grill the first night then have it the next day Italian Style. Just dump a can on Italian Style tomatoes on top with some onions and bake. mmm good.

Or flake it into a salad or pasta salad with a little lemon juice. I do the same with leftover tuna. Or with tuna you can always mix into leftover mac n cheese with a tablespoon of miracle whip for a mac n cheese salad. My step son loves this one!! He is now even getting where he wants to add cajun seasoning to it.

As far as other make over meals I do:

whole roasted chicken with potaotes and carrots one night is chicken pot pie or chicken soup the next. We also always seem to have leftover biscuits from breakfast so now I don't cook them all. I will keep 3 out to make chicken pot pie crust and top for that night. also keep all broth from any cooked chicken. I use the ice cube trays as someone else said. I also use ice cube trays for leftover wine. (Never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink) I then just throw a cube or two in my homemade sauce or soups. Flaked chicken also great for chicken salad.

echrich sausage gets grilled one night then cubed in a casserole dish with bbq sauce the next with kidney beans and shredded cheddar on top. Mmm good.

Italian sausage always gets grilled first then cubed up for salad or pasta salad or even a pasta casserole with left over veggies or thrown in a baggie to mix with homemade sauce.

All veggies get put into a baggie for chicken pot pie, soups, or shepards pie.

left over hot dogs get cut up in mac n cheese with miracle whip and cajun seasoning.

mashed potatoes get made into potato patties and thrown in skillet or used to top shepards pie.

left over boiled potatoes are mashed into mashed potatoes or added to soups.

left over baked potatoes are made into twice baked potatoes.

stale bread is saved for homemade stuffing (or to feed ducks by our house) stale crackers, ritz, etc are also good for this as well as breading for chicken cutlets.

stale corn flakes are used to make corn flake chicken. oven chicken that tastes like fried.

That is all I can think of right now.
Until we "meat" again, break an "egg"

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