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I used to be a bank teller years ago so always "face" my money as they say (all my money has to be in the same direction and in order of amount)

another little quirk of mine is a hide money around the house in different places for different things. In my tea cannister in the kitchen, underneath the tea I hide dollar bills until I get enough so I can occasionally order pizzas for dinner. In the bathroom, behind all the cosmetics, soaps, shampoos etc. I have a cannister that I hide any extra money I might make (an extra dc kid for a day etc.) so it is like a secret stash of money I can play with (like an occasional movie or date out with dh) but I never seem to use that money often because I also think of it as emergency money that might come in handy. I also save all my change (probably have close to $300 in change) that I just never take to the bank like I should or exchange it for paper money. Wow, I guess I have some wierd money habits.
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