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This is strictly for acknowledging (sp?) shower & wedding gifts, but it was a terrific help for my daughter. She had a small recipe box with alphabet dividers and 3" x 5" cards. She put the name & address of people invited to the wedding on the cards and as gifts came in, she jotted them on the card along with the date they were received. When she wrote thank you notes, she noted this on the card along with the date. It sure saved time and frustration!

This was a SUPER idea! It would work nicely for a Bridal Shower as well.

My wedding was also outdoors in late August, so the weather was rather hot. My dress was designed by myself with the help of an actual dress maker. She was new in the business and I got a good price. Food was prepared by myself and family members ahead of time and I was a server at the time. I asked several close friends from the restaurant to help on the wedding day and "serve" the wedding party plates while the guests served themselves at a buffet line. Making our own food was a big savings.
Best of wishes to you!!
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