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channukah away from home.

My older daughter is away at college... four hours away from home. So it's not like she can just stop home for dinner! Her freshman year, Channukah coordinated with Christmas, so she was home to celebrate. But last year Channukah came in the beginning of December, as it does again this year. Laura was very sad about missing the candles, and the presents, and the way our dog reacts when we say "Happy Channukah" (Our dog gets very excited remembering that those words preceed a treat.) Soooo last year I shipped an electric menorah to her at college. She was so happy that she could now light the lights each night, and then the next day she recieved a HUGE box from me, and inside were eight wrapped gifts. She called me each night near sundown, and we would all light the menorah and say the holiday blessings together so that we'd be doing it as a family. Then I'd tell her which gift to open each night. Then her sister got her present, and the dog got her present and we all shared the holiday together. I'll be doing the same thing this year. She'll bring the menorah back with her after Thanksgiving break, and I'll be shipping the gifts behind it. Channukah begins December 2nd this year, so I'd better get shopping!!
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