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My mom had this done around a year ago, and she has done well. I agree their are lots of risks, in fact I had talked to the doctor about me having this done, but he was a very good honest doctor and told me that I was not a candidate for it he felt that due to other issues I have I would end up being one of the bad results. Which I respected and thanked him for his honesty. He has also told me that he would not do it, but that I could find a doctor that would do it (he said he highly discouraged this). My mom has lost over 80 pounds and due to other health issues she can't exercise like others can. There are a few things she can't eat now (like hamburgers) which based on several friends who have had this done (what your particular stomach will not tolerate can vary based on your body). The two others eat hamburgers no problem. NO COCONUT for any of them, doctor said this is bad for all people who have the surgery, and no more drinking with straws (puts too much air in your stomach). Here you also have to go through a rigerous process just to get approved for the surgery. It is not easy and a long and tedious process, plus like in my mom's case getting insurance to cover it is quite difficult and may make it more lengthy.
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