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gstric bypass

I had gastric bypass (roux en y) surgery in Jan 2008. I was more than mentally prepared for it. I had been overweight most of my adult life. I became morbidly obese in 1990's . Lost weight regained etc. I had borderline hypertension, sleep apnea and was on CPAP. I had back pain, knee pain and feet pain. I was not enjoying life. I was also in a position where I was not doing what I expected my patients to do.
I went to program I chose and followed their guidlines and attended the mandatory 3 supportgroup meetings, saw the nutritionist and did lose some weight and kept a food diary.
I started the process in September and had surgery in january. I had minor complications imediately post op but I have never looked back. I weight 112 pound (I am 5feet tall) I lost 120 pounds. I have maintained now for over a year and had breast reduction and tummy tuck. I am anew person at the age of 55. I bike, hike, swim, boat, kayak you name itI do it.
If you are mentally prepared I say do it, if you are not then by all means do not do it.
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