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Good morning all!!

You all were very busy yesterday.

Mish, way to go on all the ways to save on those 2 pair of shoes for the girls. That is how couponing is supposed to be. You wee able to "stack" deal after deal to get the best price. sorry to hear that you dd might have a cold. I am sure she will get over it quickly with you being the nurse.

Anna, maybe if you can sort out which store sells which product, you can make a permanent list with the store name at the top and list those products, even if you don't need it one week. Keep it on the list, just mark it off if you don't need it.

Jokir - I agree on taking the sweaters apart and re-using the yarn. I crochet (can't you guess by the moniker?) and have been known to do that from time to time when I get a good deal. After all, our foremothers did it all the time.

Cheryl, sounds like you are planning to keep all those kitties????? I have to go through my cookbooks from time to time to find something new. That is where I found that "new-to-me" oriental dressing for the cukes. It is not something that I will eat all the time, but one more thing to add into the "rotation" of side salads I can do quickly to take to a potluck, or serve at home. Good going on finding the new cookbook. I go to yard sales, and close my eyes when I see them. I am so tempted.

Connie, I am sure you will find the perfect out-building for your workshop.

Charlotte, I heard on the news that the Old Farmers Almanac is out for 2011 and they are predicting this winter will be coler than last year - not more snow, just colder. That can effect the battery. If you need one, now would be the time.

Barb, the Black Cohosh really does work. When I was taking it, there were no day/night time formulas, just one. I would imagine the night time one is a higher dose to control those nighttime sweats.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home last evening to pick up the rest of the Gain dish detergent I had. I got 24 for just tax. I now won't have to buy any for quite some time. I bought the coupons on e-bay inexpensively, and so each bottle (priced at $.97) only cost me about $.14 each with tax. I am very happy.

I have 2 loads of laundry out on the line (I washed them last night and hung them on hangers in the bathroom until this morning), and two more loads completed this morning. One is in the dryer, and one waiting. These are my towels and "unmentionables".

On Friday night I was able to talk to our women's group about my idea for a "Bring and Barter". They thought it was a good idea, and a couple more people asked me about it yesterday at the women's conference during breaks. Looks like I was able to bring a good idea to the group, maybe one we can do on a yearly basis. The most asked question was, what would be a good thing to bring? That pretty much is open - maybe you have houseplants that you can root some cuttings from (or babies from spider plants?), or a pair of earrings still in the box that were a gift that you really don't care for, maybe your dh bought 2 of something thinking that 2 is better than one, maybe a jar or two of that homemade jam, maybe those tights you bought for your dd were too tight and by the time she tried them on, you had lost the receipt. At least I was able to give them some ideas.

I went into my garage and pulled out a set of twin sheets and a duvet cover (both still in their plastic wrappers) for one of the women in our group who is older, on disability, and survives on $600 month. You would have thought I gave her a million dollars. I had bought them for about $2
each on e-bay years ago, thinking I would give them to one of my friends kids, only to find out that he had a larger bed. I had said that would be something I was thinking about bringing to the Bring and Barter, when she spoke up saying that she only has one set, so has to wash and put them back on continually.

Ladies, better go for now. I have to make breakfast, finish the laundry, put a pork roast in the crockpot, pay bills, do Coupon Swap Club breakfast, etc. before I get out of here to go to church.

Take care all!! Norma