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Thanks Blondie for the info. on the milk... I'll have to look at the labels and keep a eye out for coupons. I think there was one in the Sunday paper, I gave it to one of my neighbors with a stack of others since she was on the porch when Melissa brought over her Mom's paper.


Way to go on using coupons and sales specials for the kid's shoes.

I did some runnng around today.. went to IGA which I rarely shop at their prices are high and their store stinks, literally as they have a place in the back where they cook food to go... I can barely stand to be in there. Anyways, they had 24 packs of Pepsi for $4.99 so I bought 2. Went to Walgreen's to get coffee that was on sale Maxwell House only to find it was a new size they are offerring and they did not have it in French Roast. I went to Volunteers of America thrift store and bought 2 wooden photos with old time advertisements on them for store apples... which I will put on my kitchen wall above the cabinets. I like old advertisement retro's... have some in there for Corn Oil 25 cents a gallon, Farm Fresh Eggs 25 cents, Rise and Shine Family Farm Eggs, etc. also have some Pepsi signs and a Pepsi thermometer. I wish I had more wall space my kitchen is so tiny, I only actually have one full wall and most of it is taken up with the refrigerator, book cabinet and microwave stand. Anyways, the signs were $1.91 each. I also bought a huge plastic barrel that pretzels had came in for 90 cents to put some of Cocoa's puppy food in, will use some other containers I have here for the rest. My elderly neighbor Patty gave me about 15 Maxwell House containers a couple weeks ago now and I use those for the big dogs food, some craft beads, etc. Cocoa is pretty smart it won't take her long to figure out how to upheave the dog food bags, not good. I got a tshirt for 99 cents it is from SC and dh said "Oh that'll fit me". Last night he came in and got a sweatshirt out of the closet, it was one of mine LOL! 2X. I am so happy about that he thought it was probably a big 2X size??? And I think the last item I got was a square tin to put DVD's in that we get from Netflix.. again, puppy is getting big tommorow we move another notch on her collar.

I ended up going to Giant Eagle for my coffee, not that great of a price $5.99 for Folgers but sigh! no choice no other deals out there. I sure wish I'd never gotten into the French Roast habit and had stuck with just plain old coffee years ago.

Frugal meals this weekend... I have small red beans soaking, tommorow will make vegetable soup with the beans, veggies and some of the hamburger I precooked. We've been eating chili and frozen pizza yesterday and today for meals. I have to make a Aldi's run tommorow and Krogers I think? as I forgot dh's deoderant till I got to Giant Eagle and they don't carry it. I have so much trouble finding all the things he likes.. Old Spice Fresh Aftershave, Mentadent Toothpaste and Old Spice Spray deoderant... one store will have one but not the other, drives me a little nuts.


Good to see you posting.


Way to go on building the kitty's a "cat house". Dh bought a kit and made one for his Mom many many years ago for the neighborhood cats. He also put shingles on it and a old car mat split in two in the front door of it to stop drafts. She put some old towels inside during the winter months. I think dh put it up on a wood crate too, to keep it out of the snow. I wonder whatever happened to that dog house? She probably gave it away to the neighbors when the two cats she was feeding disappeared over the years.

Well gang, I'm tired and need to run the spyware and check the bank balances... take care.

Btw, dh had a great time at the Ohio State game and was pretty frugal.. water was $4 a bottle, he bought 2 and refused to buy a hot dog for $4.50. I think total including paying for parking, bus fare and drinks he spent $20.00. We also bought a disposable camera for $10 something instead of buying souveniers he has his own shots that will mean alot more to him. I didn't want him to take our good cameras in there in case they'd. get knocked out of his hands and broke or loose the camera.. I don't have a extra $150 plus laying around for another digital camera right now. This one has been very good, it's a Fuji and we've had it at least 6 or 7 years.