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Afternoon everyone. Another pretty day here - although it's a bit warm. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy and frugal!

Milk here usually run $2 a gal. or less. Sometimes Aldi has it for $1.79. I have noticed ALL the stores around here raise prices the first week of the month. Their ads are never as good either.
One thing I have also noticed is that to find the best mark downs (espec. meat and bakery) one needs to go on early Tues. or Thurs. mornings. Tuesdays they are getting rid of overstock from weekend, and on Thursday they are gearing up for the weekend - so get rid of lots of things cheaper. You might check your area stores.

CONNIE - don't know if you have Aldi there - but their butter is usually much cheaper per pound.

FRUGAL today - depends on how you look at it!! I did go and buy a nice dog (I mean CAT) house. It's very nice with shingles and siding. My brother came over to help me move it to backyard from car. (HEAVY!!) So if they get used to it they will "be styling". LOL They have already been checking it out. Will put straw in it later.

Did some straightening around here.
Found a "gently used" gift bag downstairs for the shower present (has kitties on it of course!). Will make my own card.
Oh, I did stop at a yard sale on my way home this morning. I got a cookbook of low-calorie recipes (w/calories listed per serving) for $1. That will help us diversify a little.
DH is still doing great with his eating. Not sure loss pound wise (scales are hard for him to get on), but he has lost 4" off belly and 3" off his chest. I have maintained a 10 lb. loss.
All meals from home. Did have to turn AC back on about 1:00. Turned it off at bedtime last night.
Need to work on my articles some more.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!