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Kathy,Have fun at your party.
Lisa,Hope your cs shows up todau too.
Norma,Glad you had an easy fix.
Connie,Happy Belated b-day to your son.I am surprized that just because your kids were home schooled that they won't let them go to school there!
Anna,Glad your dog is ok.
Joanne and Connie,Hoping your dogs will be ok.So sorry i went missing.Yesterday went and waited for the truck to come back from the dealership and they had found something wrong with it.So I paid the bill and it was way too high. Then I went to walmrt with the rental car and had a call from the nurse.She had finally done the lice check on the kids and my youngest had some dead stuff in her hair.I did check with the nurse and don't need to treat her hair with any chemicals.
So I came home and they go my car fixed so the dealership dropped off my truck and gave them the rental car back.Aslos spent 153.00 at the store but I had to get some hamburger meat and some other stuff.Got some Purnia Benfull for the dog to try and the dog loves it.Dh thinks it is full of fat and need to try a differnet dog food.
Anyways so I was home for the day and had watched my g/fs kids.
Aslo today my middle dd is running in her cross country met and she got a ride with her b/f/ So the only moeny spent was on her for food and some money on gas.
I might go and get the 2 kids shoes as they need them really bad.