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Norma glad you figured out what was wrong with your car. Dh just said something to me the other day about getting a new battery soon. My van is almost 7 yrs old and still has the original battery.

Dh is putting new brakes and rotators on my van this moring it cost us about $110 verses $300 if we would have went to the garage. The money saved went to 2 cords of wood delivered already this morning. We got 2 cords of wood for $305. I see alot of stacking in my future!!!!

I am starting the laundry will hang it outside to dry. Going grocery shopping. We are closing the pool this weekend so that will save me on electric. No pool pump running. September and May are usually my cheapest electric bill because we are using the least amount of electric--no heat or a/c, no pool pump and not much use of the dryer.

Will unload the dishwasher. Ran a very full load last night when I went to bed. Dh and I went to the farmers market last night and got our fruit and veggies and some lunchmeat and cheese. We spend under $30.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Have a wonderful day.