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Good morning all!!

Sorry I couldn't get on yesterday before work - I had to make my new "signature" salad - it is the cucumber salad with the oriental dressing. It was well-received at the women's potluck at church last night.

Today we are having a multi-nation simulcast with a well-renowned author and Bible Study teacher. I need to be at the church by 8 to finish helping with the set-up.

Before that I need to drop off some school items I ordered online. It is a teachers (I ordered 20 of them) kit for teaching financial responsibility - called, get this - "Feed the Pig". I thought it was so cute. The woman next door to my sister teaches language arts to the 8th graders, but will distribute to the math teachers. This actually combines math with real life - what an amazing concept. I see these things online, order them, and then just pass them off to the school.

Connie, I hope Giz is ok. It must have been really scary. Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremy. I hope it was special for him. If you think that you are your dh's wages are being taken out too low - why not put the amount you think you are underpaying into a separate savings account? That way, you will not spend it, and it will be available at tax time, so that you are not stressed at that time.

JoAnne, I hope Bobby starts to feel more like the Bobby of old. Maybe instead of a seizure, it was a stroke. He can't tell you what's going on inside his brain. As my Mother got older, she would have these little strokes every so often. Sometimes they didn't affect her physically, but it did affect her mind.

Roberta, I am glad the cold is more in your head than chest. I have been fighting something for awhile now. In the morning I am really congested in the head, and finally it starts to clear up. It doesn't feel like "morning head" and it doesn't feel like allergies, so I have to conclude that it is a cold trying to work it's way into my body.

Kathy, hope you are feeling better.

Lisa, you really are busy. Hope the cs shows up soon for you.

Well ladies, I thought I might be in real trouble with my car yesterday. It was not turning over all the time. So I called my sister and she and my nephew took it to the dealership. My nephew lifted the hood, and we spotted lot of corrosion on the battery (very pretty ranging from white to royal blue crystals). But I thought it might be the starter. It turned out to be just a new battery and battery cable. Much less expensive than a new starter, but more expensive than if my local mechanic had had it.

Ladies, better go for now, and get dressed and out of here.

You all take care and have a wonderful Saturday. Norma