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We're just now seeing that Smart Balance milk in our area... does it taste the same as regular milk? I don't drink milk as a rule but just curious. We rarely buy butter either so not sure what our pricing is, I know the last time I did buy it it seemed high, cheese prices seem to be on the rise as well.

Something that burns my butt is Aldi's raising prices during the first week of the month. I have been on a grape kick the past few weeks... Maddy and I demolished a 2 lb. container of grapes in one sitting, so the next week I bought another one. The week before the first of the month it was $1.48 for a 2 lb. container, the week of the first it went up to $2.48. Bought some day before yesterday it was back at $1.48. I was telling a customer there about it and we both agreed if folks who get food stamps or the elderly could stagger their grocery purchases, Aldi's wouldn't be able to do that. Walmart is another I've seen raise their prices the first week of the month, especially at Thanksgiving. It's not right, these are the people who can least afford it and especially on the fruits/veggies.. parents would be more tempted to buy them and kids would be healthier if the prices were reasonable like the grapes for $1.48. This is something that is covered in that documentary "Food Inc.". I want to get the other DVD's that correlate with it, one is called "Supersize Me" and I can't remember right now the other one that my pharmacist referred.