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shocking Don't Know Much About CHICAGO

1. Where did the name Chicago come

2. Who started the first permanent settlement at the site of Chicago?

3. True or False? Chicago is home to the largest Polish community outside Poland?

4. Why is downtown Chicago called The Loop ?

5. The birthplace of the skyscraper, chicago is home to three of
the nation's five tallest buildings . Name

6. What stomach turning novel about the
city's meat-packing industry led to passage of the Pure Food
and Drug Act?


1. The native Potawatomi Indians called the area Checagou.
Some sources say it meant, roughly, "Land of the wild
onion", others say "great" or "strong".

2. Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a black fur trader from New
Orleans who established a trading post in the 1770's.

3. True

4. It's encircled by elevated train tracks.

5. They are the Sears Tower, AON Center and John Han****

6. Upton Sinclair's muckraking book "The Jungle" (1906).
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