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Well, as far as pets go at our home, we have 3 dogs, two of which are goldens (Prince Charles and Jasmine) and then there is Bambi which is a mixed male that keeps Prince and Jasmine active since he is the youngest.

Then I have two cats, Sox (female) and Tigger (Male). Sox is very prissy and Tigger is all boy and loves to be involved with the family.

Oh, I've got chickens too! I have 39 in all and about 12 baby chicks as well. I don't eat them and they definetly consider themselves as part of the family. Each morning I go out to the chicken house to feed them and they follow me all around the yard. Mine free range so I have quite a following! I have to drop food on the way just so I can move around! My favorite past time is sitting on an upside down bucket and let them feed from my hand. I have a few that are even brave enough to sit on my knee so they can get to the food easier. You might say we have a full house here! My husband is a farmer so you never know what pets might come visiting!
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