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I'm so glad I found this thread... my close friends Neal and Melissa are dealing with this with my little friend Maddy. Dad happened to walk up behind her on the computer and saw a huge heading "F.U. spelled out across the top and a young mans picture on there. She quickly deleted it before he could look closer and said "nothin" it's my friends bf's page". This is the second time in a week that he's caught her or one of her gf's with what he thinks is inappropriate Facebook accounts. Her gf Courtney who stays with them most of the time had one open last weekend with a guy with his pants hanging half off and she lied and told him he was mistaken about what he saw. I think Courtney is way too old mentally for Maddy, a whole different upbringing and she's pretty sneaky about wanting Maddy to do things she's not allowed to do. Oh I should mention Maddy is 11 and Courtney is 12.

Are there any preventive measures he can do so that she can't access FB or any other suggestions, it's a scary world out there as Roberta mentioned I believe and pedophiles pretending to be teens is my biggest fear for the kids.

I have copied what you all have posted here and will give to Neal when he gets home.. Melissa is way too trusting, she doesn't do the internet at all other than functional things like banking and filing paperwork for unemployment and she was sitting right there on the couch when the girls were doing this.

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